NYCCIA-HVCIA Founder’s Statement On NY’s Critical Next Steps Toward A Legal Cannabis Market

Sep 1, 2021 | Events, Resources, Upcoming Events

Governor Kathy Hochul has called a special session of New York’s legislature which includes consideration of her candidates to regulate our new adult-use cannabis market.  Nominated for Executive Director of the Office of Cannabis Management is Chris Alexander, who has served as Associate Counsel for the New York State Senate as well as Policy Coordinator for the Drug Policy Alliance.  Nominated to Chair the Cannabis Control Board is Tremaine Wright, a former State Assembly Member and a Community Advocate.

The New York City Cannabis Industry Association (NYCCIA) and the Hudson Valley Cannabis Industry Association (HVCIA) applaud these appointments, which will now accelerate the process so that we won’t have to wait until January’s regular session to start the work of creating the new legal market.  With staff coming online in the near term, the state can start work on regulations to implement New York’s groundbreaking new law and thereby get us that much closer to realizing the law’s critical goals of promoting social and economic equity and creating as much opportunity as possible for those who want to take part in a new diverse and inclusive industry that can be a model for the rest of the world to emulate.

The NYCCIA and the HVCIA will continue to take a leading role in helping to shape policy at the state and local level and to engage with businesses and entrepreneurs, as well as leaders, civic groups, and members of the community to address concerns, issues, and ambitions in this new era of cannabis legalization.

We look forward to helping our members continue to play a vital role in the conversation, including through our Committees, and we invite you to click here and scroll down to join us as a member or to subscribe for updates to learn about the work we’re doing and events to come.

David C. Holland                                    
President, NYCCIA                                        
Andrew P. Schriever
President, HVCIA

Elizabeth Shields
Co-Founder, Board of Directors, NYCCIA/HVCIA

The New York City and Hudson Valley Cannabis Industry Associations