Redefining NYC's Cannabis Market

Promoting a sustainable cannabis industry in NYC

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Our Mission

The New York City Cannabis Industry Association promotes a legalized, sustainable cannabis marketplace.  We invite our members to join the conversation about how to get that marketplace right.  With input from industry stakeholders and with a goal to promote high standards for health and public safety, we communicate the needs of the marketplace to help shape policy. The more an industry can regulate itself, the less it needs to be regulated by others.

Importance of Membership

Why Does New York City Need a Cannabis Industry Association?

New York City is the largest metropolitan area in the United States, the epicenter of world finance.  It is culturally diverse with nearly every nationality, race, religion, and background represented in its venerated education programs, unparalleled art collections and venues, and media outlets.

It is also the largest cannabis consumer market in the world.

Legalization in New York State fast approaches its event horizon. Yet, New York City is completely unprepared because there has been no attempt to incorporate the concerns of the metropolitan business community nor the City’s government.That needs to change and the NYCCIA seeks to change that!! Through its membership, its committees, its interdisciplinary dialogue, and its unifying efforts and voice, those concerns will be addressed at the City, State, and National levels. New York City will be at the forefront of the cannabis related commerce and NYCCIA will be leading the way.