Growing Cannabis Businesses Rooted in Community-Oriented Best Practices

We promote commerce with a conscience, which allows our members to do good while also doing well.

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Our Mission

Successful implementation of a legal cannabis market requires a forum where entrepreneurs and businesses can cross-pollinate and work together to establish the highest standards for harmonizing this new marketplace with Hudson Valley communities. We promote commerce with a conscience, which allows our members to do good while also doing well.

The Hudson Valley Cannabis Industry Association will:

Develop a code of conduct that allows market participants to realize their full business potential while responding to legitimate community concerns about public health and safety, including the promotion of safe adult use and preventing access and marketing to minors.
Engage with our local communities through education and dialogue. We will parse fact from fiction and break down the stigmas surrounding all forms of cannabis, including hemp and CBD.
Advocate for regulation that allows for a legal, responsible adult use cannabis program, and for the improvement of New York’s medical cannabis, hemp, and CBD programs.
Foster relationships with community leaders, stakeholders, elected officials, and decision-makers to comprehensively and effectively communicate the needs and priorities of the market.
Maximize the benefits that the people of Hudson Valley will receive from operating in the cannabis market.

Best Industry Practices

The Current State of Cannabis Legalization

New York State and the United States are on the verge of legalization of one of the world’s most valuable and versatile plants. But, due to a national policy embodied in the federal Controlled Substances Act, which since 1970 has prohibited cannabis and caused millions to be arrested and incarcerated, knowledge and the opportunity to explore and utilize all this plant has to offer has been stymied.

After decades of adverse consequences from a failed war against this stigmatized and misunderstood plant, we are finally at an inflection point where 11 states plus Washington, D.C. have fully legalized adult cannabis, and some form of legal cannabis (such as for medical use) is legal in all but eight states, leading to a $10 billion nationwide industry that is poised for enormous growth.

The federal government finally legalized hemp in 2018 (a versatile plant with myriad industrial and personal applications, such as fuel, food, clothing, bioplastic, and paper) as well as CBD, and full cannabis legalization is starting to take place on a global scale, with Canada now having a fully legalized adult use market. It is no longer a question of if but rather when cannabis will be legal nationwide in the U.S.

New York is also the largest cannabis consumer market in the world.

Legalization in New York State fast approaches its event horizon. Yet, New York City is completely unprepared because there has been no attempt to incorporate the concerns of the metropolitan business community nor the City’s government.That needs to change and the HVCIA seeks to change that!! Through its membership, its committees, its interdisciplinary dialogue, and its unifying efforts and voice, those concerns will be addressed at the City, State, and National levels. New York City will be at the forefront of the cannabis related commerce and HVCIA will be leading the way.