Legalized Adult Use Cannabis in New York

Mar 16, 2020 | Resources

NY Truck Stop Radio- The Voice of Small Business of New York City

Noah and Dave appear as guest speakers on “NY Truck Stop Radio- The Voice of Small Business of New York City” hosted by Arthur and Zach Miller.

With the Cannabis Regulation and Taxation Act “CRTA” included in the Governor’s State budget and the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act “MRTA” as proposed by the legislature drafted and ready to be proposed as an alternative, the hosts immediately ask the question, “is the City prepared for legalization?” Jumping right in, Noah Potter, says, “No”. Citing his article, “The Hurricane of Mary Jane” published in Craines New York Business Magazine, “If the State law passes, the City is not prepared.  New York is the largest cannabis market in the world, it’s not about the government creating it, it’s about recognizing and working with it.” 

In this segment Noah and Dave discuss many of the questions surrounding the regulatory scheme such as, if either the CRTA or MRTA bills are passed who can distribute cannabis? Who can produce it? Who can process and transport it? Will driving under the influence of cannabis be measured in the same manner as alcohol? And must certain occupations maintain a prohibitive policy to ensure community safety?