Report: Social Equity Pillars For New York’s New Cannabis Regulations

Dec 5, 2021 | Events, Resources, Upcoming Events

Social And Economic Equity Committee’s Report:

Social Equity Pillars For New York’s New Cannabis Regulations

For years, cannabis advocates in New York fought, putting their lives and families on the line to right the wrongs of prohibition and end the War on Drugs. After seven years of an active legislative battle, in March 2021 the Marihuana Regulation & Taxation Act (MRTA) passed to allow for and regulate adult-use consumption.  This law is rich with language that explicitly acknowledges harm caused by the disparate enforcement of associated policies and attempts to put pieces in place to support the repair of damage. In spite of their good intentions, we know the devil is in the details and those details are created through the rules and regulatory process.  We have seen things go horribly wrong in many states at that stage causing additional devastation to be experienced.  If New York’s new legal adult-use market is to succeed, it is critical to ensure we do not repeat these mistakes.  And for that, the NYCCIA and HVCIA are here to offer concrete solutions.

We proudly present the work of our Joint Social and Economic Equity Committee, Co-Chaired by Frederika M. Easley, NYCCIA Director Michelle Fields, Esq. and HVCIA Director Ruben Lindo.  The Committee’s Report and Recommendations on Social Equity Pillars For New York’s New Cannabis Regulations outlines five essential pillars for New York to achieve its social and economic equity goals: (1) reflective regulatory bodies; (2) amnesty/safe harbor for legacy operators; (3) ensuring that those living in NYCHA/HUD housing are not precluded from lawful cannabis cultivation and use or subject to eviction or loss of monetary aid; (4) providing banking access and funding opportunities; and (5) providing education and continuing support for business operators.

Click Here For Our Report, for the consideration of all stakeholders, from regulators to communities to entrepreneurs to consumers.  The NYCCIA and HVCIA welcome anyone interested in working together with other industry participants (both established, and aspiring) to help to formulate policy, to establish meaningful relationships, and to help New York become a model legal, equitable, and sustainable cannabis marketplace.

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