Join Our Committees — Let’s Make Policy Together This Summer, Here’s How

Jun 29, 2021 | Events, Resources, Upcoming Events


Now that New York’s new law legalizing adult use cannabis is in the books, the real work begins.  Committees allow our members to collaborate on policy for creating the world’s greatest cannabis marketplace.  By working together our members not only make cannabis policy, but they also forge connections and find business partners in the seed-to-sale chain.  The first round of Committee work is embodied in our Policy Prospectus, with concrete recommendations on vital issues ranging from social and economic equity policy to taxation to hemp regulation to home grow.

Next, we focus on how the new law will be implemented and how those looking to be part of the industry can come up with concrete ways to help each other out.  We again have an opportunity to speak for the industry, to ensure that those drafting the regulations do so with input from the stakeholders and business owners, all while we continue to learn from each other about how to build an equitable, successful marketplace and help grow each other’s businesses.  Contact any of the Chairs of our Committees so that you can join up to make a difference and contribute to the voice of New York’s new industry:

Social And Economic Equity

Ruben Lindo:         

Michele Fields:     

Home Grow

Mike McGuire:      

Kym Byrnes:          


Peter Su:                

Candice Nonas:    

Incubators and Entrepreneurs

Kenny Mack:         

Sally Nichols:        

Regulatory (On-Site/Delivery . . . )

Jim Landau:          

Sheri Tarr:              


Dave Holland:       

Labor and Employment

Dave Holland:       


John Sullivan:       

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